/This is why everyone freezes their lemons

This is why everyone freezes their lemons

The second life of frozen lemon peel

Please, frozen lemon peel? The good advice of the grandmother … who does not know. One might think that some of the wisdom of grandmother’s time today could solve many problems. The advice of moms and grandmothers is super practical and useful. Did you know that you should freeze lemons better? Read about why this is so!


Remove your previously washed lemons from the freezer when they are completely frozen. Grate the frozen lemon peel with a fine or coarse grater and sprinkle with salads, pasta, soups, fish or meat. Also recommended: put some frozen lemon peel in a glass of water! You can even sprinkle your ice cream with the grated rind. So you give everything a delicious touch of freshness, of course. Frozen lemon peel is much more intense than normal.


Oh yeah, lemons are quite bitter, and therefore not exactly top picks when it comes to appetizers. What helps: A frozen lemon loses a bit of the bitter taste. In general, however, it must be said that lemons are extremely healthy. Lemons and limes are great for detoxifying the body. The acid-base balance is restored. Lemons fight bacteria, counteract parasites and worms, and regulate blood pressure.

Lemon peel:

When a lemon is frozen, the flavor changes enormously and it is much easier to eat. The acidity decreases a bit. The lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times (!) How many vitamins! However, it is important that you grab organic lemons or wash them very well. This works best with vinegar, warm water, and a brush. So don’t forget to wash, otherwise you will eat all the pesticides. Go. A little corner in the freezer for lemons. Lemons stay in the freezer for a long time. Which is even delicious: lemon pieces are great as “ice cubes” in the drink.