/Do you always cook your cauliflower? This is why you shouldn’t do it!

Do you always cook your cauliflower? This is why you shouldn’t do it!

You don’t have to cook cauliflower!

Cauliflower, we love it. Eating this rose-shaped veggie isn’t a punishment for us at all, but that’s slightly different for others. If people still want to enjoy this vegetable, they cook it in plenty of water. Error, error and another error!

We will never be cooking this vegetable again.

Preventing disease

Let us first tell you why you should eat cauliflower much more often. Several studies have shown that this vegetable can prevent cancer. It would mainly have a positive effect on different types of cancer. These are bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer. The substance sulforaphane is a sulfur compound that kills cancer cells and slows tumor growth. Cauliflower, according to some researchers, is the key to controlling this terrible disease.


This cabbage vegetable is also a very good idea for your brain. It is a source of hill. This is vitamin B, which improves memory, protects the brain, and helps in brain development. Valuable for young and old! And if you think this is it, you are wrong. In addition to the above properties, this wonderful vegetable is also anti-inflammatory. Read the great trick to cook cauliflower right on the next page. It would be a shame if you boil the cauliflower and discount

No more boiling it

To optimally preserve the nutrients, it is best to briefly steam the cauliflower (five minutes) or sauté. If you cook the cauliflower, you will make 70 percent of the nutrients disappear and that is a huge waste.


If you are still not convinced of the need to steam your cauliflower, then we have a very good extra for you. The cauliflower will also stink a lot less. You are less busy with it and so the sulfurous smell has less chance of spreading through your home. And did you know that those brown spots on cauliflower don’t mean it’s inedible or shed? The brown spots only point to a boron deficiency of the flower and not that it is damaged, not at all.



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