/7 of the less healthy drinks when trying to lose weight

7 of the less healthy drinks when trying to lose weight

Eliminate these drinks from your diet

You want to lose weight, so you are watching what you eat. It makes sense, but what you drink is just as important. However, it is much more difficult to see if the drinks are healthy based on their appearance. It’s easy to see that a cookie with lots of sugar and chocolate doesn’t do much for your diet. But is apple juice healthy or not? And a smoothie? In any case, the following drinks can be eliminated from your diet.

1. 100% apple juice

Apple juice is actually not healthy in any way. It may sound healthy, because it contains apples, but it is not. And 100% apple juice is the least healthy of all. It’s not what you expected. The high percentage of concentrated sugar and calories in fruit juice can cause weight gain. Of course, there are vitamins in 100% apple juice, but not enough to counteract all the sugar. The amount of sugar is even comparable to that of a soda can.

2. Orange juice

Orange juice, like apple juice, is also not usually very healthy. The drink is low in fruit juice, usually only 5% to 10%. Also, there is a lot of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in orange juice. HFCS is derived from cornstarch and is cheaper than sugar, which is why many food manufacturers like to use it. It is also sweeter than sugar and is absorbed more quickly by the body. As a result, your blood sugar level can drop rapidly, making you crave even more sugar.

3. Smoothies

A smoothie can be very healthy, but most prepackaged smoothies found in the grocery store are not. This is a great disappointment for many people. The drink looks very healthy. There are fruits and vegetables, right? Right, but it also contains a lot of sugar. A smoothie can contain as much, sometimes even more, sugar than a can of soda. Squeezing fruits and vegetables removes most, if not all, of the fiber. As a result, sugars especially remain.

4. Refreshment

This shouldn’t come as a surprise on this list. Soda contains a lot of sugar; we all know. But did you know that the average can of soda contains about 12 teaspoons of sugar and about 130 calories? That’s twice as much sugar as in a chocolate bar. If you drink soda on a daily basis, it is very likely that you have a little belly. But this can also generate more visceral fat, the most dangerous because it surrounds the organs.

5. Alcoholic beverages

They call it a “beer belly” for nothing. Drinking a beer every day can lead to weight gain. But that’s not the only alcoholic beverage to avoid when trying to lose weight. Too much wine and liquor can also lead to extra pounds and belly fat. Alcohol also hampers your body’s ability to burn fat. Drinks can also lower the quality of your sleep and alter hormones that affect hunger and feelings of fullness.

6. Smoothies

We’re mainly talking about the kind you get at fast food restaurants. In addition to the “normal” shakes, there is also something called freakshakes , the superlative of shakes. With an ice cream base and decorated with everything that is not healthy. Unfortunately, a regular shake is not much healthier. Take, for example, a large chocolate shake from McDonald’s. You will consume more than 400 calories and 60 grams of sugar, which makes it one of the least useful drinks for weight loss.

7. Mixed coffees

Coffee can be found in all forms and varieties today. With caramel or vanilla flavors, for example … or the frozen version, iced coffee. Due to all the additives (sweets), the drinks hardly resemble coffee anymore. The fancier varieties sometimes even contain 560 calories, 14 grams of saturated fat, and 80 grams of sugars. Woohoo! If you drink one of these (with whipped cream) every day, you can easily gain a pound in a week. If you still want to drink coffee, black coffee is always the healthiest option.